Our vision is to produce healthy and
sustainable products for our community.

Our mission is to produce healthy and sustainable eggs for your family.
Our goal is to be able to provide premium eggs from our farm at a competitive price,
with all the benefits of a small family-run operation

Who We are?

We have become one of the oldest & leading suppliers in a variety of egg categories. We provide quality eggs at affordable prices. We have well-equipped farms in Namakkal. Namakkal is famous for eggs,
Since it produces a major part of Eggs sent to all over other parts of our country and is also called “Poultry Town” as it contains quite a number of poultry Farms And is also now called “Egg City”. Our pleasure to say, we are one of the leading 5th largest EGG Production Poultry farms in Tamil Nadu, from Namakkal. Where all the birds are kept in extremely clean & hygienic conditions and are fed with the most nutritious and good quality feed. We have maintained a strong quality standard in both our products & the process of working. As a result, we provide you with the best quality eggs that have a good shell quality, appropriate weight & color, and even a cleaner surface. Begin a healthy lifestyle by switching to the most premium quality eggs and lead an egg-licious life





Chellam Poultry Farm Pvt. Ltd. is a new Namakkal, Tamil Nadu-based company registered on 16-11-2007, which carries out Agriculture and Allied Activities. Chellam Poultry Farm has the CIN no of U01222TZ2007PTC014028 and it is a Non-govt Company which is Company Limited By Shares.

further basic details
Mr. C. S. Prakash, MBA. (JMD of Chellam Poutry farm)
Keel parali – (Po)
Mohanur TK, Namakkal.
Pincode: 637020
Mail: [email protected]
Phone : +91 852500448.



Since starting in the year 1990as a layer Farming unit with just Layer 5000 birds in kavettipatti. In the Name of C. shanmugam poultry farm. poultry farm expends in the year 1992 with a capacity of layer 10000 Birds. In a sprawling12.47 Acre spread modern layer Farming entity in nallur, pudupatty village, Again poultry farm expend in the year – 2002 with a capacity of 40000 Layer Birds And expend – in 2003 with a capacity of 40000 Layer Birds, and then the farm Grew – in 2004 expend 120000 Layer birds .with the positive encouragement from the market was turned. With a strong market presence and steady growth, the C. Shanmugam poultry farm was established in the year 2017 with a capacity of 280000 Layer Birds capacity and 30 Million White Shelled Layered Eggs.

C. Shanmugam poultry farm is focused on the Production of Layered Farms and Fresh eggs.
Prop: Mr. C. Shanmugam (MD of C. ShanmugamPoutry farm)
Mr. C. S. Parthiban ( JMD of C. Shanmugam poultry farm)
Farm Address: C.Shanmugam poultry farm.
Door No : 749,750 /1,2,3.
Vadakkumedu ,Pudupatty
Trichy Road,Namakkal .
Pin : 637001.



What started in the year 1994 as a layer Farming unit with just Layer 25000 birds in kuppampalayam in the Name of Chellam poultry farm. In a sprawlin 4.33 Acre spread modern layer Farming.poultry farm expend in the year 1997 with a capacity of layer 25000 Birds birds . With the strong market presence and steady growth. Chellapoultry farmwith a capacity of 2020 – Layer birds in 50000 capacity and White Shelled 2.00 crs Layered Eggs.

Chellam poultry farm is focused in the Production of Layered Farms and Fresh eggs.
Prop : Mrs S.Malligadevi(MD of ChellamPoutry farm)
Mr C.Shanmugam ( JMD of Chellam poultry farm)
Farm Address: Chellam poultry farm.
Door No :6/61, Kuppampalayam,
Trichy Road,Namakkal .
Pincode: 637001.

Chellam Poultry Known For Quality