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We have become one of the oldest & leading suppliers in a variety of egg categories. We provide quality eggs at affordable prices. Begin a healthy lifestyle by switching to the most premium quality eggs and lead an egg-licious life

Ultimate Poultry Farm

We put great care into our farming practices, ensuring that our products are healthy and of the highest quality.
Raised:2,770 $

Massive Egg Production

Our eggs are laid by free-range, nutritious feed and fed a diet free of antibiotics and hormones.

Sales & Delivery

We are proud of our commitment to giving you the best experience to provide fresh eggs at your doorstep.

We Deliver

at the Best Price and better quality

55 Million
Eggs / Year
46,000 Deliveries
All-over TN
100 % Purity
Trust Worthy
The Better we are

5th Largest Egg Producers of Tamil Nadu

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The Healthy Chicken, Lays a Tasty egg

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